Living faith youth Easter camp meeting 2018 Anambra chapter (prayer place)


Living faith youth Easter camp meeting 2018 Anambra chapter (prayer place)

Theme: Encounter with Destiny
*Impactful teaching
*signs and wonders
*Youth empowerment
*Job opportunity
*wealth creation

Date: 29 march —2nd April 2018
Venue: National Metallurgical Institute (NMTI) Owerri Road Onitsha.
Ministering:–Bishop David O. Oyedepo.
Pastor Mathew Daniel and other anointed men of God.
Topic: On the way to your high places.
Text: matt 6:10, Luke 2:49, Habakkuk 3:2 and 17, Luke 24:1, Proverb 23:24.

Kingdom advancement prayer
Is enforcing Gods purpose in your life

1) Does not only change things but also changes people
2) Is the order of destiny transformation

The impact of


1) It changes life ————–Jacob
2) Man of machine prayer—————–Daniel

Prayer is the sharpest of all sickles —Isaiah 66:7-8, 1kings 18:30, Luke 11:21.
The labour room of prayer is the birth place of multitude —Jeremiah 13:21
* The church can maintain kingdom advancement prayer and take every territory
* The multitude drawn into the kingdom through prayer can only be retained through prayer.
* It takes fervent effectual prayer to overcome —-it must be offensive, Violent etc.


For our prayer to be answered
1) We must seek forgiveness for our sins
2) We must pray according to the word of God –Mathew 13:2
3) We must pray and believe –Hebrew 11:1

Mysteries of kingdom prayer
1) It advances your destiny authority and reward
2) It triggers divine help upon your life
3) It impacts divine strength

Have covenant with God

1) When you enter into covenant with God you are equal with God
2) When you are in covenant you have access
3) When you are in covenant it gives you protection

Serving God –Romans 12:11, Exodus 23:24
1) Serving God will add value to your life
2) God will reward you openly

Spiritual stewardship
Luke 14:16-20, Numbers 10:28
1) Praying kingdom advancement prayer is standing by God –Deuteronomy 5:30 -31.
2) Praying for the new believers disconnecting them from their past –Galatians 4:19.
3) Praying for fresh anointing upon your alter –2 Thessalonians 2:4.
4) Praying for the need of others
5) It provides limitless opportunity for our life

Oshiri IT revolution 2018

“You don’t count in life until you have an encounter”
*Every move of God moves HIS people –Ephesians 2:5-6
*High place of life our heritage –Romans 5:17.
*Redemption sets high places in our life –Deuteronomy 28:13.
*It is possible for you to be redeemed and yet not in motion to your high places in life
*Sin is the major force that drives people away from their high places –Genesis 49:3-4
*The power of dedication will make you arrive to your high places –Isaiah 51:1-4.

Dedication means to be deadly committed

There is a difference between deadly committed and commitment by chance or convenience

1) To preach the word in season and out of season, means to tight yourself –2Timothy 4:2, John 12:24.
2) To be sold out –Philippians 2:5-7

“You can start again”
As a man I cannot do everything, but I must do the things I can do

*Discover the power of your individuality
*God does not promote the world HE promotes individual

Five qualities of whom God will use

1) You must be available
2) You must be prepared
3) You must be courageous
4) You must be sacrificial
5) You must be strategic

Something you need to know about the death of Jesus Christ

1) He laid down HIS life
2) Resurrection is a person not an event
3) Every step taking to crucify Jesus makes HIM come closer to HIS destiny
4) Takes us out of the realm of darkness and filthiness
5) It takes us from shame to glory
6) It takes us from captivity to liberty –John 19:30
7) It takes us from defeat to victory –john 5:4

How do you connect to the resurrection power?

1) You must be born again and remain in faith
2) You must operate in faith –Hebrew 11:6
3) You must be conscious of who you are

Counting on Gods rule to prevail

1) The only way to maximize your destiny is move to Gods plan –Haggai 2:3-9.
2) Every move of God triggers supernatural breakthrough
3) Every move of God rescues people from the dungeon of Satan –Isaiah 51:14-15.
4) Every move of God is the platform for the rise of giants in the body of Christ
5) Every move of God triggers the flow of signs and wonders

“Our reinforcement comes only from the alter of prayer”


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