I know of a Woman who gave her Husband apple that was forbidden to eat and caused all her children eternal suffering she is EVE.
A Woman who partnered with her husband and lied to the Holy Ghost and the two died on the same day she is SAPPHIRA.

And i also know of a Woman on whose Laps the strongest man was captured by His enemies she is DELILAH.

Yet I know of a woman whose name was ABIGAIL who with wisdom prevented the Doom that was to befall her and her husband, Still I know of a woman called DEBORAH who took the men to battle and won.

Yes I also know one called (queen) ESTHER who prevented her husband from killing her people and with her wisdom saved Innocent people, still I know one, a virgin whose womb carried the MESSIAH and the savior of the whole world.

Women are full of Blessings yet sometimes a curse though they curse is not in their gender but their CHOICES, be careful of the choices you make.

So as a woman you have a personal question to answer for yourself and to your maker (God), and the question is with your GOD given Power to influence men, do you pull them DOWN or STRENGTHEN them?

With your daily activities, do you cause men to SIN or do you lead them into RIGHTEOUSNESS? Please Park well, speak well, Dress well that man may STAND and not FALL by you.

Let us retrace our steps and watch our moves!!!!


If you dress seductive, you will seduce irresponsible men; if you dress attractive you will attract responsible men, what we ordered for, is what we will be supplied.

Finally we must give account to our maker in the end; vanity of vanity all is vanity.


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