Let Your Love Be Real and your actions mature


The burning desire for money and material things have destroyed the purpose of love, people are weeping and dying because of money and wealth.

Most ladies today prefer Rich but unfaithful men, make money first then you can ask for my hand in marriage,

* Money is good but is not everything.
* Money can’t buy happiness.

If you don’t change, it may end up in weeping and dying.

You just want her for SEX, but you’re pretending to be in love,
You can’t pretend forever, stop cheating on yourself.

Invest in your woman; the one you love, it is your responsibility to

~ Take care of your own.
~ She needs to make her hair.
~ She needs to smell good.
~ Give her Money is not a sin.

~ Now you are “made” you have forgotten her,
After all her suffering and time wasted

Sir Karma is loading….
Don’t start what you can’t finish.


People are going about naked in the name of fashion, even pregnant women have joined the chorus, and westernization has deceived many.

~ If you don’t change, it may end up in weeping and dying….

~ You want a man that will love and take care of you…

But the question is “what can you offer to him?
Get a life, so that you can add value to marriage.

Don’t ask a lady to visit you first.

* If you value her and cherish her.
Then visit her first.

If you know you don’t have plans to marry her, there is no need to introduce her to your family.

Stop that method and be open.

~ And for ladies do not collect anything from a man you don’t want to date, since you don’t want him please kindly let him go.

~ No communication.
~ No care.
~ No attention.

And you’re talking about marriage; how do you think it will work,
Is that how your dad married your mum?

~ Say No To Love By Deceit…

Love is a beautiful thing but you need wisdom to remain in Love.


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