Buhari and Atiku the game played on us

Buhari and Atiku the game played on us


The game played on us between Buhari and Atiku is really game of the wise.

To many it is normal politics between Buhari and Atiku as his opponent; Buhari is the candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC) and Atiku is the candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
But the main truth of the matter is; they are the same people in different form.

Looking at the story

Looking at Nnamdi Kanu story about Buhari, according to him Buhari is dead and buried in Saudi Arabia.

The person ruling us as our president is Jibrin from Sudan, he also went ahead to prove his claims, some of his (Namdi kanu) claim includes

1) The main Buhari is older than this one
2) Uses glasses (though he has started using glasses after) etc

The question is, if it is not true why then does he want to kill him, most of his claims seem to be true.

The answer is, he knows their plan and they do not want him to jeopardize their plan; they do not want another tribe to take the office as it happened in the case of Yaradua and Jonathan.

The Igbos and Yorubas think that they are educated and wise, but now I realize the saying that says “wise man died in foolish mans backyard”.

They played the game in a neat formula but many do not understand it; they choose a man from the same tribe and told the masses that, Buhari is a strong man and needs a strong opponent from his tribe to defeat him.

Many are far from understanding the game no matter how you explain it to them, because they have been blinded by street politics.

If it were not so Saraki could have not been defeated by Atiku, our top officials are all aware of the game.

2019 election preparation.

Many of us are here fighting ourselves about Buhari and Atiku; many have lost their lives and more still planning to lay down their own lives some for Buhari and some for Atiku, without even knowing that they are working for the same master.

My advice

My brothers and sisters be wise, sheath your swords because even after you have sacrificed yourselves for them they will still congratulate each other openly or in secret.

If you cannot do anything about this game or arrangement at least spare your own life.

“We are still watching the show”

What is your own opinion?


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