“STRANGE Acts OF GOD” Deliverance from satanic powers


The power of God was present to heal and deliver in tonight’s communion service.
As God’s servant Pastor Israel Olajumoke was ministering the word of God, the power of God was released in the midst of God’s people.

Immediately after partaking of the communion, the power of God arrested Mr. Michael Sanusi from Osun state who began to manifest under the weight of the power of God.

Suddenly the first set of three keys were vomited from his mouth and shortly after the second set of three keys and one ring emerged from his body and fell on the floor for all to see.

God’s servant ministered to him and he was delivered from strange forces that were working through him.


On interviewing him after the service, Mr. Michael Sanusi confessed that he was in service this evening on a mission to take 8 souls Mr Michael stated that from the age of 4 when his parents died, a woman took him to his grandfather who was an herbalist.

His grandfather later took him and dedicated him to the river Niger and ever since then he has been operating from the water and air.


He said he was sent to visit any living Faith Church branch in bayelsa state last Sunday during the covenant day of exemption service but could not enter because a force stopped him so he hung on the roof of the church.

Then during tonight midweek service he was watching people entering the church and decided to enter with them and sat in the second row in front..


Thereafter he partake in the communion and the power of God hit him.
He said the keys and the ring that emanated from his body are the mysterious powers that he uses for his various missions and operations in clubs and churches.

He stated that all the while he was manifesting during the prayers a young man in white apparel had placed his hand on his head and he could not resist that power that had arrested him.

Mr Michael who admitted that he mysteriously appeared in bayelsa said he Didn’t have any place to stay and does not know anybody.

To the glory of God Mr Michael was delivered from the oppression and possession of the devil and surrendered his life to Christ to God be all the glory.

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