Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa, though a clever and experienced politician and the leader of the second biggest African country, will not have much respect for the President of Nigeria.

Just like in all situations, when you deal with a group, you have to look at the internal dynamics within the group to assess its strength and weakness.

A president could be powerful as a person, while his country is weak.

A president is powerful as a person, if he is above the laws of his country.

A country is powerful as a country if its president is subject to the laws of the country
The more personally powerful a leader is, the weaker his country is.

President Buhari is above the law of Nigeria, so Nigeria will remain a weak country; as long as there is a human being within a country that is above the law of the country the country becomes weak.

In South Africa, their president is not above their law. Last two years, they forced their president (President Zuma) to resign; this year, President Buhari presumably rigged himself back to power.

Look at Nigeria!

(1) President and his men are above the law.

(2) Opponents of the president have no protection under the law; even the chief justice of Nigeria could be persecuted.

(3) There is no separation of powers and no supremacy of the constitution.
The head of judiciary could be removed by the president without recourse to the constitution.

(4) For six months after becoming the president in 2015, President Buhari refused to appoint ministers, during that time an Irish company was getting free judgment that ended up costing Nigeria 9 billion dollars.

(5) Nigeria is the only country to lose 9 billion dollars in a phony

(6) Nigerian President is too old; He knows nothing about the internet or information technology.

(7) Nigeria has a president whose school certificate may have been fake.

(8) Nigeria has a president whose electoral victory is still disputed in court.

(9) Nigeria is a country where judges are arrested, detained and released on the order of the President.

(10) Nigeria is a country where herdsmen keep killing people without them getting arrested.

(11) Nigeria is a country where soldiers shoot and kill policemen on duty and set suspects free.

(12) Nigeria is a country whose soldiers run from insurgents.

So, if you are the President of South Africa and you are to deal with Nigerian President, what will you think of him? Honestly speaking, I won’t take Nigeria and their President seriously.

There is nothing they can do even if their citizens get killed in our country; After all, aren’t they killing more of them in Nigeria.
Nigerians should bear this mind when dealing with South Africa. Nigeria has no muscle to flex against South Africa.



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