Ibukwa Okemmuo [you are a big spirit]

Okemmuo by Chioma Jesus Ft. Mercy Chinwo [2019 song]


Chukwu Okike [God the creator]
Abba Father
Ibukwa Okemmuo [you are a big spirit]
Ochie dike nagha[mighty man in battle]
Papa Nke Ukwu[The big father]
Akporom gi Okemuo[I call you the spirit of the spirits]
Oje na nmuo[You walk in the spirit]
Ibu ebube dike nagha[The mighty man in battle]
Okemmuo is your name
The Spirit of the spirit
You’re the Spirit
Of the Most High God
Onweghi onye dika gi[There is none like you]

[Verse 1]
Okemmuo n’eri oke Aja [spirit of the spirits that accepts the big sacrifice]
Ezem onweghi onye dika gi[my king there is none like you]
Okwa gi kwuru okwu Na mba[You speaks in one town]
Oke Chim ![my big God]
Oga mezuo na mba ozo{it comes to pass in another town}

{Okemmuo, okemmo[spirit of the spirits 2x]
You’re the covenant
Keeping God} [x2]

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[Verse 2]
Agbanwe, agbanwe eh, eh [The unchangeable changer]
Onye nmeri[The victorious]
(Covenant keeping God
You are my
Covenant keeping Father) x2
I have come so far with you
There is no turning back
All you have Promised me
Baba[Father], you have fulfilled them all
You are not a man
That you should Lie
Whatever you say, you will do
I have found rest in you
You are Jehovah JIREH
You can never, never fail

Okemmo[spirit of the spirits] heey
One with you is Majority
I put my trust in You
I have no fear in you
My Confidence is in You
Because you can never fail
You are the Covenant keeping God

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
Jehovah is your name
You’re the only living God, oh
Okaka, Okaka[The greatest, the greatest]
Okaka, Chim oma, eh[The greatest my good God]
Ebube dike nagha[The mighty man in battle]
There is nothing you cannot do
You are the Covenant keeping God
You are the Covenant keeping God

Echeta Obi Esike[One I remember and be assured]
Yes, you never ever die, oh
Oh, oh, oh, Okemmuo, [spirit of the spirits] eh
Okemmuo, Okemmuo[spirit of the spirits 2x]
Is your name

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[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 4]
All the battles around me
They are forcing me to go back
Okemmo[spirit of the spirits] God of Victory
I know, you will deliver me
But I’ve made up my mind
To serve you till the End
Okwa ekwensu kpawa ekete
Kpacha,[when the Devil finished planning for me] Okemmuo[spirit of the spirits]
I koromu asiri[to gossip to me], oh
Eze’m Imedele num obi[my king you melted my heart ] oh
Chioma Iguguola num obi[my good God you have pampered my heart] oh
Onye gemerem ihe Ineme[who can do to me what you’re doing for me]
You are the Covenant keeping God
Agbawe dike Izu, agbagharia [‘proverb’ when you plan against a mighty man you re-plan again]
Eze mmuo, onye dika gi oh[king of the spirits who is like you]
(Oje na’mmuo) [he that spirit walker]
You are the Covenant keeping God
(Ohu na’mmuo) [he that sees in the spirit]
Onye nwem, oh

[Chorus 2x]


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