not okay



Breaking up is okay .
Starting over is okay.
Moving on is okay.
Saying no is okay.
Being alone is oka.

What is NOT okay is staying somewhere that you aren’t happy, valued or appreciated, THAT is not okay.
Don’t be consumed by what went wrong or what didn’t work out, but always forgive yourself so you can heal.

Instead of avoiding your pain, work through it {you will conquer it}
Instead of withholding your tears, let them flow.
Instead of closing your heart, open it. {And you will be free}
Instead of expressing hate, show love. {It will make you outstanding}
Instead of judging another, appreciate them. {It makes you strong}
Instead of fearing the unknown, move into it. {You will find a way to conquer it}

There’s no shame to be hurt. {we all get hurt}
There’s no shame in struggling. {It makes you to achieve}
There’s no shame in getting help. {We all need help}

Depression is real and kills faster than HIV, seek professional consultation or find someone who can give you a shoulder to lean on.
Don’t die in silence and don’t let someone who doesn’t know your worth break you down and make you feel you’re not worthy or sweet…
Cheer up and have a nice day

The blind poet






It hurts like hell to leave your hand,
The fluke I had been to meet your kind;
But what do I do than to let it slide,
What do I do than to break the ties,
The best of time I spent with you,
You made me feel the hell was cool,
Now the world seems hopeless like I’m hung on a hook,
But I will rather wave goodbye than to again kiss your foot,
I saw your radiant smile even though I’m blind[?]

You tickled my entirety and assured me all was fine,
Cause the green light you shone was just too bright,
Cause the intensity of your laugh was just too high,
I shouldn’t have mistaken all those for a shining star,
I shouldn’t have likened your signs to a waving flag,
I never knew that was your own way of saying sorry.

It is only fair that you tell me I shouldn’t worry,
You punctured my heart with words and now I’m counting hollows,
I feel thick tears in my eyes anytime my heart beckons your hellos,
For there will be no more miracle in my wildest world,
There will be no more oracle calling from my vocal cords.

I wish I could hate you but so bad I lack the strength,
If my love for you is to be measured,
A tape wouldn’t reach the length,
So how do I calm these buzzing feelings in my soul,
How do I rearrange this shattered heart to a whole.

I hope you visit me in heaven like you always say,
Maybe we can rekindle our bond up there once the earth turns grey.

Meanwhile, don’t stop breaking the men’s hearts since that’s your teenage mission,
But you should have seen the purity of my love assuming you’ve got vision.

The Blind Poet,






In our risk-avoidance culture, we place a high premium on safety. We insure our vacations. We check crash tests on cars. We extend the warranties on our appliances. But by insulating ourselves from the unknown “the risks of life” we miss the great adventure of living our lives to their full potential.

Ben Carson spent his childhood as an at-risk child on the streets of Detroit, and today he takes daily, risky complex surgeries on the brain and the spinal cord.

Now, offering inspiring personal examples, Dr. Carson invites us to embrace risk in our own lives.
From a man whose life dramatically portrays the connection between great risks and greater successes, here are insights that will help you dispel your fear of risk so you can dream big, aim high, move with confidence, and reap rewards you’ve never imagined.

By avoiding risk, are you also avoiding the full potential of your life? The surgery was as risky as anything Dr. Ben Carson had seen.


The Bijani sisters—conjoined twins—shared part of a skull, brain tissue, and crucial blood flow. One or both of them could die during the operation.

But the women wanted separate lives; and they were willing to accept the risk to reach the goal, even against the advice of their doctors.

As a child on the dangerous streets of Detroit, and as a surgeon in operating theaters around the world, Dr. Ben Carson has learned all about risk—he faces it on a daily basis.

Out of his perilous childhood, a world-class surgeon emerged precisely because of the risks Dr.Carson was willing to take.

In one of his compelling books, he examines our safety-at-all-costs culture and the meaning of rsk and security in our lives. In our 21st-century world, we insulate ourselves with safety.

We insure everything from vacations to cell phones and the likes; we go on low-cholesterol diets and buy low-risk mutual funds, but in the end, everyone faces risk, like the Bijani twins did with their brave decision, even if our choices are not so dramatic or the outcome so heartbreaking, what does it mean if we back away instead of move forward?

Have we so muffled our hearts and minds that we fail to reach for all that life can offer us—and all that we can offer life?


The following Risk guides shall perhaps take you through an examination of risk, including:
-A short review of risk-taking in history.
-An assessment of the real costs and rewards of risk.
-Learning how to assess and accept risks.
-Understanding how risk reveals the purpose of your lives.
-Knowing the key roles risk plays in helping you to realize your full potential and ability to attain a greater height.

Thus, when it comes to the realm of pursuit of happiness, or if you like “success,” risk is the only option to make that dream a reality.

Rsk is the only chief apparatus in which when applied to the right place, at the right time, with the right attitude and with a positive mind-set, no doubts, your adventurous dreams are all ready coming to play and your set goals are becoming the realities of your risk-taking.

But if I may ask, whilst dreaming of a greater height, whilst imagining yourself soaring like an eagle, whilst desiring to become a wealthy and an influential personality, whilst you are wishing to become the master and the independent architect and the chief builder of your own empire, etc.

Now, having engulfed and saturated your mind with the above mentioned height of endless possibilities, my questions are thus:
Does “risk-taking” worth avoiding? Does “risk-taking worth quitting your struggles? No! It certainly does not.

However, risk-taking rather worth’s your courage to even strike harder when the struggle is getting tougher.
Risk-taking demonstrates how passionate you are towards your set goals.


Risk-taking entails your ability and dedication in attaining your purpose in life.
Risk-taking is an alternative means of driving powerful innovations and unique ideologies home.
Risk-taking, however, is almost the ultimate answer to the question on how man can reconcile the relative interior forces with the exterior so that man can live a purposeful and meaningful life.

In my own case, as a disable person who had long suffered a quite horrendous pains and impairment in my both eyes which eventually led to a suddenly surprising blindness is no exception.

In other words, risk-taking is not restricted to a particular set of people in the society except those who detest success and therefore do not have a purpose or meaning to their lives.

As a young blind man, from the very day I lost my sight, I was practically faced with a dilemma – looming failure and risk-taking; everything was like a dream to me, I thought of ever becoming anything good to myself, my family and to the society again, I thought of the pleasures of life that I have lost and I will forever miss since my sight is gone.

The most disheartening and heartbreaking thing I thought of was how blindness forcefully took me away from the classroom making me to forget and stop thinking about formal education.
During the time of this painful turmoil and undeserved ordeal, that was equally the same period when I just concluded my primary school education, one could imagine how tender I was in age at that time.


I could only think of a negative type of risk-taking which was a suicidal thought, of course I attempted suicide more than twice but I failed. It was unsuccessful. I actually thought I was taking a just risk but never knew I was taking a painful means and otherwise option to exterminating my own life.

I’m not however trying to deviate from the context in which this piece of writing is predicated upon but rather relating the subject-matter risk-taking to the degree in which it has effectively and positively impacted in my own life.

But to cut the whole story short, my life has over the years, from the moment I lost my sight to this present time been characterized with risk-taking; my physical challenge itself is a very big risk.
Whilst trying to make the best out of my visual impairment is purely a risk-taking.

Furthermore, the persons with disabilities especially those who struggle to get formal education in the various academic institutions in Nigeria from primary to the tertiary institutions are perhaps faced with unfavorable circumstances that seem to go beyond their control because we literally take risk in almost every activity that we get involved in.

Conclusively, ris-taking is an awesome phenomenon which my disability compels me to embrace on a daily basis. Risk-taking lifted me from the abysmal ditch of illiteracy, ignorance and self-pity to the corridor of global information, and formal education.

At this end, as one of my favorite writers, George Bernard Shaw says:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself”. “Life is about creating yourself.”

Indeed, however, it will be wholly impossible to create yourself in the absence of risk-taking. if you live long enough, you’ll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you’ll be a better person. It’s how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit.

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Let Your Love Be Real and your actions mature


The burning desire for money and material things have destroyed the purpose of love, people are weeping and dying because of money and wealth.

Most ladies today prefer Rich but unfaithful men, make money first then you can ask for my hand in marriage,

* Money is good but is not everything.
* Money can’t buy happiness.

If you don’t change, it may end up in weeping and dying.

You just want her for SEX, but you’re pretending to be in love,
You can’t pretend forever, stop cheating on yourself.

Invest in your woman; the one you love, it is your responsibility to

~ Take care of your own.
~ She needs to make her hair.
~ She needs to smell good.
~ Give her Money is not a sin.

~ Now you are “made” you have forgotten her,
After all her suffering and time wasted

Sir Karma is loading….
Don’t start what you can’t finish.


People are going about naked in the name of fashion, even pregnant women have joined the chorus, and westernization has deceived many.

~ If you don’t change, it may end up in weeping and dying….

~ You want a man that will love and take care of you…

But the question is “what can you offer to him?
Get a life, so that you can add value to marriage.

Don’t ask a lady to visit you first.

* If you value her and cherish her.
Then visit her first.

If you know you don’t have plans to marry her, there is no need to introduce her to your family.

Stop that method and be open.

~ And for ladies do not collect anything from a man you don’t want to date, since you don’t want him please kindly let him go.

~ No communication.
~ No care.
~ No attention.

And you’re talking about marriage; how do you think it will work,
Is that how your dad married your mum?

~ Say No To Love By Deceit…

Love is a beautiful thing but you need wisdom to remain in Love.




I know of a Woman who gave her Husband apple that was forbidden to eat and caused all her children eternal suffering she is EVE.
A Woman who partnered with her husband and lied to the Holy Ghost and the two died on the same day she is SAPPHIRA.

And i also know of a Woman on whose Laps the strongest man was captured by His enemies she is DELILAH.

Yet I know of a woman whose name was ABIGAIL who with wisdom prevented the Doom that was to befall her and her husband, Still I know of a woman called DEBORAH who took the men to battle and won.

Yes I also know one called (queen) ESTHER who prevented her husband from killing her people and with her wisdom saved Innocent people, still I know one, a virgin whose womb carried the MESSIAH and the savior of the whole world.

Women are full of Blessings yet sometimes a curse though they curse is not in their gender but their CHOICES, be careful of the choices you make.

So as a woman you have a personal question to answer for yourself and to your maker (God), and the question is with your GOD given Power to influence men, do you pull them DOWN or STRENGTHEN them?

With your daily activities, do you cause men to SIN or do you lead them into RIGHTEOUSNESS? Please Park well, speak well, Dress well that man may STAND and not FALL by you.

Let us retrace our steps and watch our moves!!!!


If you dress seductive, you will seduce irresponsible men; if you dress attractive you will attract responsible men, what we ordered for, is what we will be supplied.

Finally we must give account to our maker in the end; vanity of vanity all is vanity.




If you have never had a bad relationship, you would never appreciate the benefit of having a humble partner by your side.
When you see humble people by your side celebrate them and encourage them.
It is not easy to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you.

Never take anyone for granted, remember that every Nobody nobody is somebody somebody.

If Someone ask you out, and you don’t want to accept, nicely and politely say no. Remember to keep it to yourself, don’t go killing the image of another human, just to feel hard to get.
And remember if you are not ready for commitments forget relationship.
If you can’t keep good relationship then you are not ready for marriage because in marriage enough maturity is required.

Always remember that the best revenge is forgiveness, while you allow karma do the needful.
lean not on your own understanding of who a partner should be, but in everything consider to use the Word of God as a light to guide you through all the photocopies the devil have planted in your way.

Depend on God’s wisdom, that is the edge you have over the devil, he might think he is smart enough to confuse you with sweet talks, kind gesture, take you out, buy you good things, gentle, great cook, handsome, tall, six packed, big buttocks, beautiful, etc, but when it comes to the spiritual they can’t keep up.
Do not fall for a fallen spiritual life that has refuse to stand.

Remember that, there is no sorrow that heaven cannot cure.
Our men problem today is that we no longer listen to God to give us our partner but we choose for ourselves.
The sister are looking for a rich brother.
The brothers are looking for a beautiful sister that is presentable.

By “George Mayor Ajuruonwu”