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The worst of two evils have befallen Sowore.

I knew he would be remanded in custody, but I thought that the DSS were done with him and would allow him to be remanded in regular prison, But no! The DSS are not done with him yet.

They requested, and the court granted, that Sowore remain in their custody, that is the continuation of the total isolation he has been in for 50 days now.

Note that the only prediction by Chikwado (the blind poet) that did not turn out 100% true was my prediction as to where Sowore would be remanded.

I calculated it would be in the prison, but the situation is worse for him than I foresaw, In light of that, I’m to adjust my assessment of Sowore’s case.

The following are signs of big trouble for Sowore.

The DSS is taking this case very serious.

1) The DSS refused to release him despite the order of Justice Taiwo and the outcry of many.

2) The prosecuting counsel is a senior lawyer, more senior than the one they used in Nnamdi Kanu’s case.

3) The decision to remand him in DSS custody is a special arrangement to ensure that there will be absolutely no unmonitored communication between him and the outside world.

Unless the situation changes and Sowore is remanded in prison next week, the process will break him in no time. So, we must feel pity for him now.

Written By: Chikwado the blind poet and Law student of Unilag


sowore , dss prison, custody



Sowore has since been informed that he will appear at the Federal High Court, Maitama on Monday, 30th September 2019. So, he is excited and happy to be stepping outside the walls of DSS detention centre first time in 52 days.

By 8am, he would pack his few belonging (his phones will remain with the DSS) and he will be taken in a DSS vehicle escorted by about 12 DSS personnel. To make sure his supporters do not disrupt anything, the DSS would alert the Abuja police command, which will send up to 30 policemen to take positions near the court premises to avoid any unruly crowd.

By 8:45am, Sowore will arrive at the court, where his lawyers and friends will be waiting to meet him. But only his lawyers will be allowed to meet him briefly before they enter inside the courtroom. Sowore will not be handcuffed.

Court hearing

Immediately the court opens, Sowore’s will be called; He will enter the dock as the defendant. The DSS lawyer (a prosecutor from the Ministry of Justice) will announce his appearance with two to three other lawyers with him. Femi Falana will announce his appearance with more than 5 lawyers with him (Sowore Defendant).

The Registrar of the Court will ask Sowore if he understands English, to which he will likely answer yes.

The Register will read each count of the 7-count charges, at the end of each; the registrar will ask him to plead either guilty or not guilty. Sowore will plead not guilty to each count.

Then the prosecutor will ask the court to set a date for trial and to remand the Defendant.

Falana will inform the Court that he has filed a bail application and served the DSS. The prosecutor will admit that they have been served with bail application but that they need time to respond.

The court will adjourn the case for about a week to two weeks to enable the prosecution to file its counter affidavit and for the bail to be argued, and then the court will remand Sowore.

The question here is where Sowore will be remanded.

The normal place to remand a person after arraignment is in the prisons (corrections now); But DSS has in some few cases tried to have a high profile defendant remanded in their custody such as Dasuki and El-Zakzaky. We believe that DSS will treat Sowore no differently from Nnamdi Kanu and since Nnamdi Kanu was remanded in Kuje, that’s where Sowore will be remanded.

Once remanded in Kuje around 11am today, either the DSS or the prison warders will take Sowore to Kuje prison where he will be processed and assigned to a cell and custody, the next day he will start his medical tests to ensure he has no communicable diseases that may require him being isolated from the general inmate population.

Sowore will find the prison less restricted than the DSS detention centre, even though the food at the DSS is better than in the prisons. In the prison, Sowore will determine whether he will eat the prison ration or to be allowed to feed himself.

Inmates on self-feeding have choice over what they eat. He will be allowed to have visitors and to call his lawyer and family through the prison welfare department.

Having been in DSS detention centre for over 50 days, it will be a relief for Sowore to be in prison custody from today.

The DSS detention is far more isolating and restricted than the prisons.

For Sowore, today marks an end to one chapter in his criminal justice experience, while it opens another new Chapter for him.
By: Chikwado blind poet


sowore , dss prison, custody



By Chukwu Chikwado Raphael, UNILAG Law

Nigeria human right

The problem with the human right community in Nigeria has always been that there are many crooks and dishonest people among them, and they are the most vocal ones.

Remember how vocal and a champion of human rights Festus Keyamo were until the arrival of Buhari?

Remember how quiet Femi Fani-Kayode was when Obasanjo committed war crimes in Odi and Jegun?
Even today when FFK discusses the Nigerian civil war crimes, doesn’t he make it look as if Buhari fought against Ojukwu alone, doesn’t he make it look as if Obasanjo and Adekunle were not among the Nigerian commanders attacking the Biafrans?
How many times has FFK admitted publicly that Obafemi Awolowo, not Buhari, was behind the policy that killed hundreds of thousands of Biafran children with starvation?

This selective honesty and deliberate amnesia among the Nigerian human rights community is their greatest undoing.
Sowore has become a human rights advocate just because APC did not hire him again. Otherwise, when the same APC paid him millions to attack the most peaceful president of Nigeria, Jonathan, where was Sowore’s human right mind?
Today, everybody with a grudge against Buhari has come out to use Sowore case to pretend to be a human right fighter.
When Shehu Sani was a leading light in APC, what did he think of Buhari?

Sowore conspiracy

In 2011, Sowore and Ambassador Ade Adefuye conspired with Farida Waziri of EFCC to place Emeka Ugwuonye’s name on a DSS list and Emeka was kidnapped at Murtala Mohammed International Airport by the DSS on Februay 13, 2011.
Sahara Reporters gave DSS and EFCC the moral and media support by declaring Emeka Ugwuonye a rogue lawyer; What about Emeka Ugwuonye’s rights then? We just pity the poor ignorant masses that are being misled by very extremely dishonest people pretending to be human right activists.

From the follow media report, sponsored by Sowore’s friends, it is clear that DSS has been fair to Sowore and the treated him in accordance with the international standards:

Punch Newspaper reported as follows: After each statement from Punch, I will add a note to explain:

PUNCH: The co-convener of #RevolutionNow protest, Omoyele Sowore, who has been in the detention of the Department of State Services since August 3, 2019, has accused the DSS of maltreating him.

“I was abducted in the middle of the night.
I was taken to one of their facilities in Lagos. I was beaten up, rough-handled on my way to the facility in the car.
And my cousin, who was in the room with me, was also beaten and handcuffed, and my properties were forcefully seized. And when I got there, of course, the maltreatment continued, they threw me on a cold floor and locked the door.”

NOTE: Why does he call it abduction? It was a valid arrest procedure under Nigerian law. Nowhere in the world is a suspect allowed to choose the time of day or place where he prefers to be arrested.
The arresting authority will take you by surprise that is the best way to arrest a person, especially if the alleged offence is a serious one.

NOTE: It was a proper procedure to restrain the person arrested and people with him if it is perceived by the arresting authority that they may resist arrest.
It will be wrong to beat Sowore during arrest, but we doubt that he was beaten.
Femi Falana, Sowore’s lawyer already made a statement on the arrest and treatment of Sowore during his arrest, and nowhere did Falana indicate there was maltreatment and we believe that would have been the first thing Sowore would tell his lawyer.
So, Sowore is making this up now to look more like a victim.

PUNCH: “I had no contact with even the guards for two nights; I was in that facility before I was flown here by your agents. So, I was seriously maltreated,” Sowore reportedly said during an interrogation session by DSS operatives.”

NOTE: The offense you were arrested for was treason, it is a serious offense.
Those who arrested you in Lagos were to move you to Abuja where your case was to be processed; two days to move you to Abuja are a reasonable period.
When Emeka Ugwuonye was arrested in 2011 with your help and connivance, it took 24 hours for DSS to transfer Emeka from their Ikoyi office to EFCC Ikoyi office; and it took EFCC Lagos from February 15 to February 18 to transfer Emeka from Lagos to Abuja, where he was detained for 90 days without any court order, but because Emeka is an Igbo man, Wole Soyinka did not speak and Falana was nowhere; And you Sowore was using Sahara Reporters to demonize Emeka Ugwuonye and praising EFCC for capturing a hardened criminal, whom you called a rogue lawyer.

PUNCH: “The National Legal Adviser of African Action Congress, the political party on whose platform Sowore contested the presidential race in this year’s general elections, Inibehe Effiong shared the “Transcript from DSS Interrogation of Sowore upon Abduction – Excerpt 1,” on his Facebook page on Monday.

According to the transcript, Sowore was interrogated by five DSS operatives in the presence of his lawyer, one “Barrister Sam.”

NOTE: DSS interrogated Sowore in the presence of his lawyer. What else does he want? That is the international best practice.
Do you know that 98% of Nigerians facing criminal trials in various Nigerian courts were not allowed to see a lawyer until they had confessed and been paraded by the police? And Nigerian judges pretend they don’t see that. Sowore received better treatment from DSS than he would receive from the FBI in New York.

Usman Usman fair interogation

PUNCH: “One Usman Usman, a DSS operative, who led the interrogation, was said to have told Sowore that, “We’ll be asking you questions and our advice is for you to be truthful to the best of your knowledge. We’ll not force you to say anything. Whatever question we ask and you have a problem with or you don’t have an answer to or you don’t want to answer, there is no compulsion, you simply tell us you’re not going to answer these questions.”

When asked by Usman to say “If in the course of your being here anybody has molested you in any way or maltreated you?” Sowore said, “Yes,” and went on to give the response above.”

NOTE: DSS Officer Usman acted very professionally and followed world standard in interrogating Sowore, He did not yell at him, He did not threaten him, and He read his rights to him. Compared to the FBI procedure in terrorism and treasonable cases, Sowore would have faced far more aggressive interrogation techniques. So, the DSS was extremely fair to him.

PUNCH: “On whether he was denied food, the detainee said, “While in your facility in Lagos, yes, but I decided that because of their hostility I won’t take any food until I am allowed to talk to a lawyer. I continued to refuse food; until I was allowed to speak with a lawyer, and I have seen my lawyer, but I am still being denied access to my immediate family.”

NOTE: It is natural that most people arrested will refuse food from the officers. It is a standard and subconscious way to protest against your arrest and to adjust to the detention environment. However, when they get really hungry, they will start eating, this happens around the world.
Nobody arrested will tell you he found the detention food delicious.

PUNCH: “Asked if he had made calls to his family members, Sowore replied his interrogator, “I’ve not made any calls to them. My brother is outside; he wasn’t allowed to see me as we speak.”

Access to Lawyer and family member

NOTE: Punch reported what happened in the first few days of Sowore’s arrest. It is normal, as long as you had access to your lawyer.
Most laws in the world will say “lawyer or family member”, not “lawyer and family member”. And family member does not mean “every family member”, If allowed to speak with you wife, you may not be allowed to also speak with your brother, your mother, your children especially in the first few days of your detention.

Yes, we may have other reasons to condemn DSS, but not the reasons Sowore and his friends are giving us. DSS has been quite professional in dealing with Sowore, even Falana cannot fault them.
They obtained a court order to detain him.
They charged him before the 45 days approved by court expired.
They will arraign him this week and the court will remand him in prison.
There is really no easy way to fault DSS; you may quarrel with Nigerian laws that gave DSS its powers or quarrel with the courts for not using their discretionary powers to block DSS. But that is a different thing altogether.

Don’t make a fool of yourself by writing nonsense on your social media attacking blindly.



Fearless Catholic Clergy Bishop Matthew Kukah on Biafra


From Bishop Matthew Kukah

Anyone who thinks the Biafra agitation is a nuisance and irritating should know that it is not the collective aspiration of all Igbos but especially that no one has the monopoly of nuisance.

Nuisance begets nuisance.

When you stay with potash loaders you too will share in their dusty hair.

It is in this country that the same standards are not held against all.

Some can get away with anything but others cannot get away with same thing.

I shudder at those who blame the agitators for agitating; everyone knows what is good for them.

If you don’t know what is good for you then shut up and don’t obstruct those who know what is good for them.

If I have my way I will cease to be a Nigerian because there is no sense of nationhood.

Those who have leverage over others use it to oppress them, otherwise how can you explain the audacious impunity of a certain section of this country.

They can intimidate everybody even a sitting president and get away with it.

When GEJ was president he was literally harassed by this same people until they sent him packing and we thought they will be appeased. But a las we were mistaken!

Now how do I love a country where a murderous terrorist group like the herdsmen acclaimed even internationally as deadly is being openly defended by a govt that wants my loyalty.

BY:Bishop Matthew Kukah



Thank God the Oyi Bridge is near completion


The Oyi Bridge connecting Umunya and Nteje in Oyi Local Government Area is near completion.

According to an insider, the company TAMAD Construction Company promised the governor of Anambra state Chief: Willie Obiano that the bridge will be motor able this December 2018 and that will be good news.

The bridge was awarded to Tamad Construction Company by His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano in his first tenure in 2015


Importance of the bridge

The road is very important to transporters especially for those Nkpor, Umunya, Awkuzu, Nkwelle ezunaka, Nteje, Igbariam, Enugu agidi and Abba drivers because that is the only way to take when the federal road is no longer motor able.

Taking the old road will be a long journey for those going from Awka to places like Umunya and Nkwelle Ezunaka etc and also to the driver.

It is also very important because it is always free compared to that of old road, because there is always heavy traffic every evening at Oyeagu Abagana in Dunukofia Local Government Area and some other places.

Please the federal government should also try and help us to complete the federal road, starting from Odumodu junction to awka; people have suffered enough in that road for many years.


vote for me, DEVELOP



Nigeria will never develop but will remain a backward nation as long we run on a structure that entrenches mediocrity over competence.

Western Nigeria was once the region that built Africa’s first TV, I hope you know that as of then; most European nations don’t have TV station too.

Eastern Nigeria was once Africa’s fastest growing economy and the global leader in palm oil and palm product export.

The northern region was once among global leading exporter of groundnut, cotton and textile producers.

Until each region eschew the foolish attempt at usurping another and focus on internal development of her enclave, Nigeria will not DEVELOP.

This idea of going into all the nook and cranny of Nigeria, gather resources at the center to fight over SHARING FORMULA is a potent reducing agent to Nigeria.

Let me say it clearer, there is a conquest mentality that is limiting Nigeria from growing sometimes, its class conquest (politicians against non politicians).

Sometimes its tribal conquest (each Nigerian tribe fights so hard to promote her agenda even if it’s destroying Nigeria).

No Nigerian tribe will be objective about voting out their sons out of office, even if he is running Nigeria aground. Why?.

Because we gather everything scooped from everyone at the center to share, so people want the decider of the “loot sharing” to be a man from their identity.


Forget the issue of Baba being our problem, he is just sectional and exceptionally incompetent but Nigeria getting ahead is not entirely what any president can achieve.

Nigeria has run on faulty foundation for decades, baba simply came digging at the shaky foundation, the faulty foundation have always been there.

We need to shut down this place, reboot and adopt structures that engenders healthy and growth driving competition, if not, we might simply allow all the nations locked up here to go seek for nationhood somehow.

To either succeed beyond the nonsense we are doing here for decades or perish while trying.

This stagnation should never be an option to any sane mind; we need to develop our mind and Nigeria will develop.

Written by Paschal C. Akabuogu


Buhari and Atiku the game played on us


The game played on us between Buhari and Atiku is really game of the wise.

To many it is normal politics between Buhari and Atiku as his opponent; Buhari is the candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC) and Atiku is the candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
But the main truth of the matter is; they are the same people in different form.

Looking at the story

Looking at Nnamdi Kanu story about Buhari, according to him Buhari is dead and buried in Saudi Arabia.

The person ruling us as our president is Jibrin from Sudan, he also went ahead to prove his claims, some of his (Namdi kanu) claim includes

1) The main Buhari is older than this one
2) Uses glasses (though he has started using glasses after) etc

The question is, if it is not true why then does he want to kill him, most of his claims seem to be true.

The answer is, he knows their plan and they do not want him to jeopardize their plan; they do not want another tribe to take the office as it happened in the case of Yaradua and Jonathan.

The Igbos and Yorubas think that they are educated and wise, but now I realize the saying that says “wise man died in foolish mans backyard”.

They played the game in a neat formula but many do not understand it; they choose a man from the same tribe and told the masses that, Buhari is a strong man and needs a strong opponent from his tribe to defeat him.

Many are far from understanding the game no matter how you explain it to them, because they have been blinded by street politics.

If it were not so Saraki could have not been defeated by Atiku, our top officials are all aware of the game.

2019 election preparation.

Many of us are here fighting ourselves about Buhari and Atiku; many have lost their lives and more still planning to lay down their own lives some for Buhari and some for Atiku, without even knowing that they are working for the same master.

My advice

My brothers and sisters be wise, sheath your swords because even after you have sacrificed yourselves for them they will still congratulate each other openly or in secret.

If you cannot do anything about this game or arrangement at least spare your own life.

“We are still watching the show”

What is your own opinion?




The flood in Umueze Anam Ayamelum local government anambra state Nigeria.

Homes, properties and farms are destroyed by the flood, many are forced out of their homes, some of them are in Umueri general hospital.

please you can go there and render your own help, in any way you can.

faith and john



The families of Mr. Mrs Samuel Okoro Nwarisi of Ezelechi Amankalu Oshiri in Onicha Local Government Area
Late Pastor Chima Nwachukwu and Mrs. Grace Chima Nwachukwu of Ufuezokwu both in Onicha Local Government Area, Ebonyi state.

Cordially request for the honor of your presence to the solemnization of holy matrimony of their children
Faith Amarachi and John Chima
On Saturday, 13th october, 2018
Time 10:00am prompt.

Venue St Peters cathedral, the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria Kpirikpiri, Abakaliki,
Ebonyi State (opposite Abakaliki township stadium).

Reception follows immediately at
Women Development Center (WDC).

Traditional marriage: Saturday 6th October, 2018 at
the compound of Mr Samuel Okoro Nwarisi of Ezelechi-Amankalu Oshiri,
Onicha local Government Area.
Time: 12 noon.

songs of Solomon 3:4
Faith & John


Both Families.

Telegram: 08032691036, 08164234043, 09028433776.

Color of the day:

Navy blue, Peach and silver.

We the IT4YUS wish our queen the best of Marriage, may God grant you your remaining heart desires in marriage, and give you both more wisdom and understanding all the days of your lives.

Get directions below:

From Enugu

faith and john

faith and john

faith and john

From Ogoja:

faith and john

faith and john

faith and john

From Port Harcourt:

faith and john

From Oshiri:

faith and john

Note: The blue line indicates the road to follow


An accident at Tarzan junction Nkpor


A trailer carrying scraps failed break yesterday evening around five pm, killing about four people at the spot at new Tarzan junction Nkpor Anambra.

The trailer, over loaded with iron scraps was coming from afor Nkpor road failed break and rammed into a cross link transport hummer bus, tri cycle and a mark towing van, killing about four people at the spot and injured many.

Always give thanks to God for the gift of life and mercy journey, whether far or short distance for many died inside their own house and many died strolling around their own compound.

It is not of him that runs or of him that wills but it is of HIM that shows mercy.

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