vote for me, DEVELOP

Vote for me | vote where they draw book, cat or dog?


Vote for me

Vote for me is the only language our leaders knows very well

Our federal road in south east Nigeria image below,  from Odumodu junction to Awkuzu

Our state road in south east Nigeria image below road connecting Nteje and Umunya

Vote for me and i will modernize your hospitals, roads, schools, prison yards etc,
And there will be 24 hours electricity and water taps will be at your door steps.

When you vote for me I will create enough job opportunity for your children both graduate and non graduate, if you vote for me your lives will be save and properties secure and there will be free education for your children.

This is nothing but a mere promise that can never be actualized.
Starting from the federal to state and local government, none of them are trying to help the poor masses, every one of them are busy loading their bags with money, sending their children to the best, primary, secondary, universities and hospital in the world.

But for the poor masses you can go and die for yourselves.
Why not push money into the education and health sector so that we and your children can go there.

The funny thing about this is, after all the promise they have made they will not fulfill any one of them and the next election they will share N500 or N1000 and we will vote for them again.

Future is now

In the Election Day many of our youths will come to the polling booth running from one spot to another looking for where they are sharing money. And their rule is simple if you give me money I will vote for you, when you try to explain to them to change from such life, that what they are doing is wrong, they will tell you if you don’t want to collect your own money you should stay away, from them.

Should we blame them for their actions? Yes in the other hand no because many of this youths are so frustrated to the extent that they think the future is now.

How can you tell a man that has only one hour to live to save his/her money so that he/she will invest for better tomorrow?, first thing he/she needs is what to do to see that tomorrow. There are some of this youths that are so hungry to the extent that they can do anything you ask them to do just to eat for the day.

In this situation only God can help us, and deliver us from the hands of our leaders, because they are seeing us as their commodity and personal property.

We need prayers, but while praying we must take some action, when God sees your prayers and action He will surely help.

If our youths can come together and say enough is enough, not to political parties but to those that have failed us once, we shall be free.
please if you know what to do or say that can help resolve this problem, do no not hesitate to do so, we need your opinion