vote for me, DEVELOP



Nigeria will never develop but will remain a backward nation as long we run on a structure that entrenches mediocrity over competence.

Western Nigeria was once the region that built Africa’s first TV, I hope you know that as of then; most European nations don’t have TV station too.

Eastern Nigeria was once Africa’s fastest growing economy and the global leader in palm oil and palm product export.

The northern region was once among global leading exporter of groundnut, cotton and textile producers.

Until each region eschew the foolish attempt at usurping another and focus on internal development of her enclave, Nigeria will not DEVELOP.

This idea of going into all the nook and cranny of Nigeria, gather resources at the center to fight over SHARING FORMULA is a potent reducing agent to Nigeria.

Let me say it clearer, there is a conquest mentality that is limiting Nigeria from growing sometimes, its class conquest (politicians against non politicians).

Sometimes its tribal conquest (each Nigerian tribe fights so hard to promote her agenda even if it’s destroying Nigeria).

No Nigerian tribe will be objective about voting out their sons out of office, even if he is running Nigeria aground. Why?.

Because we gather everything scooped from everyone at the center to share, so people want the decider of the “loot sharing” to be a man from their identity.


Forget the issue of Baba being our problem, he is just sectional and exceptionally incompetent but Nigeria getting ahead is not entirely what any president can achieve.

Nigeria has run on faulty foundation for decades, baba simply came digging at the shaky foundation, the faulty foundation have always been there.

We need to shut down this place, reboot and adopt structures that engenders healthy and growth driving competition, if not, we might simply allow all the nations locked up here to go seek for nationhood somehow.

To either succeed beyond the nonsense we are doing here for decades or perish while trying.

This stagnation should never be an option to any sane mind; we need to develop our mind and Nigeria will develop.

Written by Paschal C. Akabuogu