Beware of this pattern of organized fraud

Fraud pattern

There is a new pattern of fraud though not really new, but to some people that have not encountered such before.
This group of fraudsters will recruit people that will be going round the town sharing flyers to people telling them that, there is a newly opened company that are looking for workers to work as marketers, sales manager; that the company is paying a very attractive salary.

Most of them are online you will see them in places like,, and other places
They will tell you that there is a massive recruitment going on for both graduate and non graduate
Salary ranges from 70,000 to 200,000 per month.

Sometimes they go to the extent of telling you the need staffs in the following field IT manager, website designer and graphic designer that will take care of the company’s presence in the World Wide Web.
If you apply for the job they will approve your request without hesitation, send you job ID, seat number and venue for the interview.

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How they operate and how to know them

1. When you arrive the interview venue, they will ask you for the job ID or seat number.
2. They will share some question paper that you have to answer the questions before the speaker will come.
3. They will have so many speakers that will be coming one after another.
4. They speak for a long time with different types of persuasive words.
5. They will promise you that 70% of what you generate for the company will come to you and 30% for the company and will still compensate you every month ending.
6. Each of them will tell you how their father died or lost their job and their family became wretched, but after working for the company for about two to five months and they family story changed.
7. They will tell you that they are going to choose few people from the crowd that if they choose you, you are lucky.
8. After the whole story they will ask you get licenses to operate from the company before you become a member and work with them.
9. Price ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 and you must pay instantly, cash or bank transfer, but if you can’t pay complete you must commit with any amount you have.

This type of fraud is active everywhere now in Nigeria.

Once the start they will not allow you to talk to your neighbor.


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