Remember by Maverick City lyrics mp3

Remember by Maverick City Ft. Upper-room lyrics and mp3 2020 song

"Remember by Maverick City" Intro: See you on the cross and you re beautiful God the blood speaks a better word. [Verse 1] The bread Your body The wine Your blood Sweet communion You set a table for us The crucified Jesus No greater love Than the bread Your body Than the wine Your blood [Chorus] Oh, we will remember Oh Jesus Jesus our Savior Oh just to know You in Your suffering Just to get is closer than we’ve ever been Oh, we will remember Yes we will, yes we will DOWNLOAD REMEMBER BY Maverick City below DOWNLOAD...

PROMISES Great is Your faithfulness to me GOD

Promises by Maverick City Lyrics and MP3 2020 song

Promises by Maverick City [Intro: Joe L Barnes] Faithful through the ages [Verse 1: Joe L Barnes] God of Abraham You're the God of covenant And of faithful promises Time and time again You have proven You’ll do just what You said [Pre-Chorus: Joe L Barnes] Though the storms may come and the winds may blow I’ll remain steadfast And let my heart learn, when You speak a word It will come to pass [Chorus: Joe L Barnes & Naomi Raine] Great is Your faithfulness to me Great is Your faithfulness to me From the rising sun to the setting same,...