youth international convention SHILOH dominion discipline, wisdom, spirit

(SPIRIT) SHILOH 2018 DAY 5 Saturday, 8th December, 2018


Message: 7:20am

– Impartation of the Spirit of Dominion

Gen. 1:14. Isaiah 30:21. Eph.4:13. Isaiah 60:1-2, 22, Eccl.11:7. Dan. 9:2. Matt. 6:33. Psalm 36:9 Anything you pursue with common sense will only give common result.

There is nothing I need that is not in where I live. Value for knowledge will keep enlarging your dominion. Prov.10:22. Anything you do to make life of others better is a plus to your life.
Get committed to being a blessing and you will never run out of blessing. Spirits of dominion in the Old Testament

1. Moses laid his hand on Joshua. Deut.34:9.
The spirit of dominion on Moses was imparted upon Joshua.
Dominion is about having it the way you want it always.
It’s about dominating the affairs of your life.

2. Elijah 2Kings 1:10-13. Zach. 2:5
The dominating spirit of Elijah landed on Elisha. 2 Kings 2:15.

3. Caleb, Num.14:24, 14:10-11.
The spirit of dominion makes you to dare the undo-able.
The most responsible organization on earth is the churches. Isaiah 9:6.
Christ is the spirit of dominion. Rom. 8:9-11.

Spirit of Christ in the New Testament 1 Peter 4:10-11. Isaiah 42:1-4 John 5:21-22.
The spirits of dominion and truth over lies Isaiah 45:1-3 Isaiah 61:1-3; Luke 4:18. Isaiah 63:4. Psalm 105:15.

The main avenue for this Impartation is the word. John 6:63. Ezik2:2.
The spirit of love is of dominion. 1John 4:16-17; John 14:9; John 11:17; John 3:16; 1 Kings 4:34.

The love of God is a divine love.

John 10:18; 2Cor.8:3, John 6:5.
Every giving life is a blessed and an abundant life. Eph. 3:18-19, Psalm 66:7.
As you grow in love, your dominion level keeps rising.

Sacrificial giving guarantees the meeting of all your needs, including what money cannot buy.
Philip.4:15-19, Psalm 20:2-3, Job 1:10; Psalm 41:1-3.

Helping the needy is a life insurance with God. Psalm 112:2-3, 9. Eccl.3:4
The spirit of Christ is of obedience and of dominion. John 5:23; 8:29 Ezik.36:37.
Spirit of Christ is of faith. Mark 9:23; John 11:40; Heb.11:33.

Jesus is the carrier of the seven spirits of God. Isaiah 11:2; Rev 3:1, 4:5, 5:6. Age doesn’t matter; not too small nor too old to be imparted with the spirit of Christ. Josh. 14:12. Isaiah 11:6.

The spirit of Christ is the sport of light. Isaiah 11:3; John 8:12; John 9:5, 12:35-36, 1:1-14.
We rule by light Gen. 1:14-16; Isaiah 60:1, 22. Light knows what to do. John 6:6.
The spirit of Christ is of servant hood. Philip. 2:5-7, Luke 22:24-26. Constantly working for the advancement of the kingdom of God Ex.23:25

Jesus came to fulfill scripture from Genesis to revelation. Matt.5:17, Gen.1:26; Mal.3:6. Rev. 5:9-10 and Gen. 1:26 shall be established in 2019 as our year of dominion.
It is foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful. Dan. 3:18, 27.

Year 2019, I Have Dominion. It has to be personalized. Acts 3:6 Your mantle is a seed of exemption from evil. The mantle is not for blowing nose, it’s for blowing the devil.

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youth international convention SHILOH dominion discipline, wisdom, spirit

(wisdom) SHILOH 2018 DAY 4 Friday – 7th December, 2018


(wisdom)Message 1: 7:25am-7:55am
Unveiling the Dominion Power of Love
– Pastor Faith Oyedepo

● Walking in the fullness of love is walking in the fullness of God. 1John 4:16-18, every lover of God is a star in the making.

● walking in love empowers us to command dominion. 1Cor.2:9, Eph.3:17.
● Love makes a believer indestructible. Dan. 3:27. When Christ’s love fills our lives, of put selfishness to a run.
● Love provokes supernatural breakthrough. 1Cor. 2:9. It’s your heartbeat for God is what determines your beat on earth.
The best use of life is love, and the best time to love is now.

Praise Prelude to Message 2.
Message 2: 8:05am-8:46am

Unveiling the Dominion Power of Follower-ship

– Bishop David Abioye

Heb. 6:12-15. Followers mean imitators.
Isaiah 51:1-3. Jer.6:16-17

Follower-ship is a divine principle ordained and commanded by our Father.
It is a process for preparing us for what has prepared for us.
Those who followed well always end well.

Effective leaders are made by successful Follower-ship.
Follower-ship is Gods wisdom foe riding on the wings of those who have gone ahead of us.
God gave you destiny and also gave you helpers that will help you fulfill your destiny.

A seed cannot grow itself; it needs fertile soil to nurture it to maturity.
All humans are imitators, It is imitation that brings about originality; Don’t despise imitation.

Follower-ship is actually practicing to become what God has in plan for you. Who you follow determines where you reach, the company you make determines your accomplishment.
When you follow a blessed man, the excess he cannot finish flows to you. Gen. 13:5
Beware where you pitch you tent. If sinners entice you, don’t follow. Gen. 13:12-13.

The seed of dominion is very precious, be careful of the soil it is planted. You will be held accountable for the relationship you keep.
To love all is a mandate but to relate with any is a choice.

Why Follower-ship?

1. To inspire you to see. 2Chr. 26:3. You cannot prosper under a man who teaches poverty. You easily catch vision when you are under a visionary.
2. To Guide and Instruct us on the way to go . To nurture us Jer. 6:16 It requires you to have a vision, it requires more than you to catch vision. In the midst of councilors, they are fulfilled. You have a projector you need a councilor.

3. Graces us to obtain required result Philip. 1:7. there are custodians of grace. Our spiritual fathers draws grace from the source so as to serve those who are weak to access it (those who cannot collect the level of grace).
4. To enable us become what God has ordained for us.
5. So that we can be imparted with the same spirit Matt. 4:19. 2Kings 2:14-15, Acts 4:13. You can be a dummy, just follow the right person. Mark 3:14.
6. To grants us access to their kind of honor overflows from who you follow. John 12:26; Num.27:15-20. Honor

How to Know Who to Follow:

● Who you follow must also be a follower of Christ. 1Cor.11:1. He leads you to God.
● The person must be a follower of biblical principles. He refers you to the scriptures. Heb.13:7. Follow only the teacher that is teaching the Word.
● Follow a man of faith. Heb.13:7, 6:12.

How to Make the Most of Follower-ship

● Identify the prophet, the spiritual father who has overwhelming proofs.
● Hear him always either by direct contact, through books, messages, etc. Ezekiel 2:2. We become like the people we listen to.
● Follow keenly and observe those younger following. Prov. 20:12, Luke2:46
● Diligently apply what you are wearing. Not in size but in similarity. Both (you and who you follow) achieve the same results but at different sizes.

Warning: Satan may want to show you the weak side of your prophet or father. Any time Satan wants you to crash, he will show you that something is wrong somewhere.

Testimony: 8:46am-8:58am
Prelude to Message 3: 8:: 58am-9:00am
– Pastor John Adelekan Message 3 : 9:00am-9:39am

Unveiling the Dominion Power of Wisdom

Pastor David Oyedepo

Every child of God is ordained by God a child of dominion. Dan. 7:27. we are ordained to be seated in dominion. Eph.2:5-6; 1:20-21, Psalm 110:1.
This dominion, although provided for all that are save, it is not necessary the experience of all. Heb.2:8. This is because there are vital scriptural conditions for the dominion to be delivered.
Wisdom is a fundamental requirement for dominion. Prov.8:15-16.

There are four types of wisdom. James 3:15-17.

● Earthly wisdom, Common sense: It is what you don’t have to struggle to get. It can only give birth to common result.
● Sensual/Intellectual wisdom, Rigorous engagement in the process of learning
● Devilish or diabolical wisdom, seeking to rose by the manipulation of hell.
● Heavenly wisdom, whatsoever is above is above all.

What is Wisdom from Above?

Matt. 7:24-27. Putting Gods word to work. Psalm 119:105. Wisdom is knowing what to do, say, go and doing, saying and doing them.

Individuals that Exemplified Wisdom

● Joseph Gen.41:38-44. You don’t need to elect a wise man, wisdom selects him. Wisdom makes you to be needed, not just tolerated.
● Daniel you continue to remain relevant with wisdom. The power of wisdom is continuous. Dan. 1:17-20. By reason of wisdom, ruler-ship was cheaply handed over. Dan. 6:1-3.
● Solomon With wisdom, Solomon didn’t have to fight battles. 1Kings 3:15; 1Kings 4:29-34, A man of answers is a man to be feared.
● Paul 1Cor.15:1-10. You can’t talk the gospel without talking Paul, the apostle. 2Peter 3:15-16
How to engage the wisdom of God for Dominion:

● Engage the altar of prayer in faith. James 1:5-8. Wisdom is available to those that ask in faith. God will not refuse a man that ask in faith. Jer. 33:3. Solomon contacted wisdom through prayer. 1 Kings 3:3
● Be committed to searching and meditating on scriptures. 2Timothy 3:15, Psalm 119:97-100. If you want to grow higher on wisdom, be rooted in revelation. Philip. 4:8. The light you gather from His word is what guides you life.
● Engage the help of the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 11:2-3. Eph.1:17. Tap into the spirit of wisdom. The Holy Ghost is a fountain of answers.
● Engage the ministry of God-ordained teachers. Isaiah 30:30-31. 2Chr. 26:2.
● Confronts situation with the consciousness that you carry the mind of Christ in you. 1Cor. 2:16

Announcement: 9:39am-
Offering: 9:44am-9:54am
Prelude to Message 4: 9:54am-9:58am Paul.

It’s possible to be in attendance and not be imparted. Availability does not guarantee impartiality. It is possible to hear sound and not hear any word. John 12:28-29.

Message 4: 9:58am-
Unveiling the Dominion Power of Dedication
Bishop David Oyedepo
John 1:1.

Every child of God is a spiritual seed. No matter how good, until a seed is dedicated to the earth, it will abide alone. John 12:24. Its actual value is being planted in God. Gal. 3:29.
Dedication to God and to the advancement of His kingdom is a personal decision. John 10:18. The power to be dedicated is available with you but the choice is for you to make dedication is at the root of dominion.

John 10:35
Psalm 132:14.
Mark 4:30-33, 82.
Philip 2:5-10
Gen. 12:2

What is Dedication?

Dedication is a deadly commitment to God and to the advancement of His kingdom on earth.
Those who are genuinely sold out to God today will stand out tomorrow, God is not gaining anything from your dedication; you are the one that needs Him.

Any child of God can choose to be dedicated. It doesn’t matter what he does, he will stand out. The seed cannot do without the soil. The day your dedication stops is the day your frustration begins. Col. 3:3.
Of all the spiritual forces of dominion are living forces and everything living grows.

Thank God for prayers; you can’t pray a seed into an harvest, It has to be sown you don’t know your true worth until you are fully dedicated to God.

Heb.6:12. Don’t look for explanations, look for manifestation. When our lives become a true seed planted unto God and His kingdom advancement, our lives blossom supernaturally.

At the root of dedication is love; and at the root of dedication is dominion, from love to dedication, from dedication to dominion. Rom. 8:35-38, Acts 19:15, 2Cor. 6:2, 1Cor.3:11, Gal. 2:20, 1Cor. 9:16
Love without proves is fake. The Bible requires that we prove the sincerity of our love. 2Cor. 8:8; 1John 3:17-18

Validation of the sincerity of our love for God: 1. John 21:17; John 10:16.

1. Number one proof of you love for God is the love for lost souls. When you’re in love, you have natural delight to see souls saved. Jesus came primarily for the salvation of our souls. Matt. 1:21.
2. If you love Him, you will love His word. Psalm 119:97, 1Sam. 13:14.
3. If you love Him, you will love His house. Being in fellowship is a way of life. Use where God has put you to preach the gospel. Luke 14:22-23. 4.
4. If you love God, you will love people. 1John 4:20-21. When you’re dwelling in love, you’re dwelling in God.
5. If you love God, you will give to his kingdom, every true love is a giver, Mart. 25:49. Job 29:13.

Dedication is not a gift, it is a choice. Philip 2:7-9.

DAY 4: Night of Encounter
Unveiling the Dominion Power of the altar of Sacrifice
– Bishop David Oyedepo
John 6:63.

Abraham. Gen. 22:1-18. God does not do anything without “because”. Until you pass the “because” test, certain things will not happen.
Solomon. 1Kings 3:5-13; 4:34; 10:8

The altar of sacrifice is an altar of turnaround, altar of dominion. 1Kings 10:5.
The altar of sacrifice is not a church ritual; it’s a covenant platform for turnaround.
Psalm 126:1-6. Tearful seed is what is called sacrifice.
1Samuel 1:21

God has reserved heavy financial resources (silver and gold) for the end-time (latter) church. Hag. 2:4-9.
Heavy prosperity will be channeled to the church to actualize Matt. 24:14. Zach. 1:17. Only people with covenant mentality shall be entrusted with this prosperity. Matt. 10:27; Eccl. 9:16.

Anybody that does not mind kingdom advancement and covenant practice is not among. Hag.1:8-9.
What you stack up does not have value to you; what you give out has. You must discharge to the level of God’s blessing upon your life. An elephant’s excreta is the size of a cow. God knows the level of everybody.

2Cor. 9:7. That’s how to be a partaker of heavy financial resources available for the end-time church. It’s about cost, it is not about volume.

Luke 16:11 be a covenant responsible child of God. Let giving be a delight. Let helping the poor be a thing of delight. Malachi 3:16, 4:1.

Prov.22:7. The end-time church is ordained a ruling church. A ruling church must be a rich church. Psalm 110:1-3.
1Chr.29:3-4. Matt. 6:30, 33.

Continuous giving makes wealthy, every commandment of the scripture commands continuity.
Aversion of curses is one of the blessings of sacrifice. Gen. 8:21. The curse on mankind was averted on the altar of sacrifice. 2Sam.24:25. It is the altar of deliverance from plagues. Psalm 66:12.
What is on the altar of sacrifice? The turning of captivities, Psalm 126:1. That is what to expect on the altar of sacrifice.

The altar of sacrifice is the altar of financial dominion. Isaiah 51:1-3. The dominion of the end-time church will not be complete without financial dominion.


youth international convention SHILOH dominion discipline, wisdom, spirit



Matt 21:22.
1 John 5:14-15.
3 John 2, Matt 8:1-2.
2Kings 4
Message 1: 7:20am-7:55am

Unveiling the Dominion Power of Discipline

Gen. 3:14-17, Heb.2:8-11. Eph 2:5, 21.
The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of peace. Matt. 16:19.
It’s a requirement for ruler-ship.Eccl 10:6-7, 17.

What is Discipline ?

Discipline is

1.Self-control. Prov. 25:28. You are either controlling yourself or you’re been controlled.
Conducting yourself in the right way
2.Self-restraint. 1 Cor 9:27.
3.Self-command. 1 Cor. 9:25, Dan. 1:8.

Discipline simply refers to careful living. Living within constraint, under control and under command Philip 4:5
Description of Discipline

● leaving the permitted and committing to the expedient, 1 Cor 6:12.
This is the necessity that should drive our actions. Write things at wrong time are what often delay destiny; not necessarily wrong things Psalm 127:1.

Everything that God permits requires timing.

● Living the lawful and committing to the profitable, 1Cor 10:23 It is the profitable that puts you in the place of dominion.

● It is leaving the convenient and committing to the commanded.
You cannot be a commander until you are under commandment. 1Cor.9:27.
A life of discipline is a life of ruler-ship.

Temperance Having a discipline life is a gift, and therefore you have to cultivated. You cultivate or develop discipline.

How to Cultivate Destiny

1.Subjecting yourself to authority. Matt.8:9, Philip 2:5-11. Jesus was equal to God but made himself of no reputation; Until you commit yourself to authority, you are not permitted to have authority. It is instruction that construct you for dominion.

If you are going to take charge you must be under charge.
Obeying instructions is a proof of submission to authority. Prov 4:13, 6:20-23 The reproof of instruction; It is not in words but in actions. One of the characteristics of instruction is inconvenient.
They seem to come to challenge your comfort. Until your natural comfort is challenged, your spiritual comfort is not guaranteed.

2. Committing to the Instructions of Scripture 2 Timothy 3:16-17
Doctrine is the principle; Instructions are God’s avenue Psalm 119-105. Psalm 119:133, committing you to the dictate of scriptures, taking it raw and swallowing it all.
Not manipulating the scripture.

Bringing yourself to the point that snapping your life for every instruction. That’s what the scripture meant by walking in the light John 2:5.

3. Mortifying the flesh by the Holy Spirit. Rom. 8:13. Flesh is one of the greatest enemy of discipline. Gal. 5:25-26, Philip. 2:17.
Engage the Holy Spirit to empower you,
Praise: 7:55am-8:00am.
Prelude message 2: 8:00am-8:05am
– Bishop David Abioye
Message 2: 8:05am-8:35am
Unveiling the dominion Power of Focus
– Pastor David Ibiyeome
Joel 2:1-11.
1Cor 7:20

To be totally committed or absorbed by special assignment.

To bring your attention to the center, to concentrate on something keenly in order to gain clarity. Only the focused will enjoy dominion. There is a gold mine in every goal mind. Matt. 6:22. Life can only be dynamic when it’s specific.

Satan’s major goal is to break your focus from your assignment on earth. An enemy is anyone who breaks your focus on earth. A friend is anyone that encourage your focus on the kingdom of God. Matt. 6:33.

The best way to destroy a man’s focus is to give him another goal or dream.
No man become a great pastor from moving from .
Sit down on your assignment or you become a man in an asylum. Focus on your assignment if you want to be great.


Focus people don’t do the good thing; they do the right thing. Keep your eyes on the stand you will not see the shadows, a focus man does not see obstacles.
Don’t allow your game to become your destruction.

It is not enough to be busy; you have to be effective what are you busy about? 1Cor. 9:19. Rom. 21:16. When they call your name, what strikes people’s mind? Focus people are identified with something.

1. If you want to be focused, look at your future. Philip. 3:14, our focus is our future. What we focus will multiply on our lives.

2. Avoid distraction, distractions are side attraction seeking your attention so as to stop you from reaching your destination.

3. Watch what you eat, see and meditate, you are the gatekeeper of your life. A focused man doesn’t listen to everybody. Mark. 4:24.

4. Keep the right people around you; Permit only the people that will help your assignment. Prov 27:17 When wrong people leave your life, wrong things stop happening. Spend less time with those who need you, spend more time with people you need.

One cannot be totally sold out to the cross of Christ and not supernaturally crowned. Mark 10:30. 2 Timothy 4:8.

1. Don’t allow wrong ambition to mix with your vision. John 21:4,15 Ambition is what you want, vision is what God wants.
2. Many destinies are arrested because of many interests. Not everybody at the bus-stop /airport is travelling. If you stay with everybody, you will miss your bus/flight.
3. Ignorance of the content of your assignment, your provision is in the vision God has given you.
Take personal responsibility focus is a major qualifier for your dominion, Seek knowledge.

Testimony: 8:36am-8:49am
– Pastor John Adelekan
Preamble to Message 3: 8:49am-8:52am
Bishop Thomas Aremu
Message 3: 8:52am-9:33am

Unveiling the Unlimited Power of Diligence

– Bishop David Abioye

If you don’t want to end up as an indigent, be diligent Prov. 12:24.
Diligence over, slothful, under So you can determine your end in life. Diligence will embrace opportunities, slothfulness will miss opportunities, and your end defines your class. You can’t miss your class being diligent diligence doesn’t discriminate. If you’re tall and lazy, you will end up at the back and vice versa. Prov. 22:29. 1Sam 18:4, Joseph and Daniel were slaves.

It’s people that have dirty hands in day times that will handle fork and knife in the night. Prov. 14:23. What you do with your work is what your work does with you. It’s your work that gives you worth.
Prov. 6:9-11 the diligence will always take steps upward, diligence is the way to authority.

Gen. 39:5
Before you find what you like, do what your hand finds.
God the worker Gen. 2:8. John 5:17. Jesus the worker Phil 2:13.
Your food is in your diligence in dressing/keeping your work. Gen. 2:15-16, No free food, even with God; Work before food, after then, marriage. Gen. 2:18.

Jesus the diligent/worker John 9:4, diligent people put themselves under discipline. John 4:21. Make your stomach empty with work so that by even you can eat with satisfaction, Jesus picked the diligent as disciples. John 4:34, Luke 2:49, 4:43. Acts 10:38, Acts 9:4.

Everybody called in the Bible were called from their work, He called them at their workplace, You cannot be diligent and abandoned by God Behind everything working is a worker, nothing works in itself.
Church is not a place for bunch of lazy people. 1Tess. 4:11-12; 2Thess.3:8-10, Eph. 4:28. And faith are not substitute to work, they are supplements. 1Cor. 15:10

What is Diligence?

1.To be Hardworking, releasing your energy into the work, working hard is the cure to living hard life, sweet comes from sweat only hard workers will end up as high fliers.
2.To be a tireless worker, Isaac was a tireless worker. Gen 26:18-22. Never be discourage even when the result has not come.
3.To be a creative worker To be innovative in your work. Improve in your work. Gen. 30:37-41.
How to improve your work:
Be versatile at work, Learn something new to add to your work, You need to be versatile to improve your work the more you learn the better you are.
Announcement: 9:33am-9:36am
Offering : 9:36am-9:48am
Acknowledgement of Dignitaries 9:48am-9:50am

– Bishop David Abioye

Prelude : Message 4: 9:50am-9:56am
– Bishop David Oyedepo
Ex.33:30. Phil.4:11.

Message 4: 9:56am-11:02am

Unveiling the Dominion Power of Kingdom-priority Lifestyle

– Bishop David Oyedepo

Altar Call: 9:56am-10:17am

Testimony enlightens us to gain command over the challenges over our lives.
There is no closed case with God, testimonies are the pure releases of our inheritance in Christ. It’s redemption that makes you a member of the family, You can’t become a member until you are saved. New birth is not an ideology; it is a personal experience.



Matt. 6:24-3. When kingdom-advancement, expansion becomes your priority/lifestyle, what other die for shall be added unto you.
Mark 13:37, What Jesus says to one, He says to all.

Salvation of soul is the priority on earth Luke 15:7,
Luke 2:34; John 4:32-36; John 15:1-2,16 Every child of God is an ordained soul winner. 2Cor. 5:17-1:20.

We are serving a mission to reconciled the world back to God John 4:29.
The cheapest way to kill a church is to keep it stagnant, No church grows without a people on the go for Christ. Luke 14:22:23. Dan.12:3; Prov. 11:39, Nobody can claim to love God
Without loving what God loves most John 3:16. 1Cor.2:9 Gods greatest love is salvation of soul.

Soul winning is everybody’s ministry. Every true lover of soul, secures the love of God upon their lives and turn them to dominion. Prov. 18:16; 11:30; Mark 13:37, John 14:21.

Kingdom-mindedness (a mind for God) advances destiny. Gen. 39:9. 1Kings 3:11. God always add to you more than what you ask when you make kingdom-promotion your ways of life.

Let souls of men be precious to you, Let the salvation of souls be a delight unto you. Touch the heart of Jesus by touching the lives of people. It is your high way to prosperity. Dan. 12:3. God-called service area is the kingdom of God.
Dan. 6:5, 20, Zach.2:8
Matt. 6:33.

The prayer of our daily bread should follow the prayer of thy kingdom come.
Heb. 12:23,
John 4:26.

Thanksgiving :
Praise and Worship:
Prayers and Blessings: 7:25pm-7:35pm
– Bishop Thomas
Rom. 16:20.

Choir Ministration:7:35pm-7:45pm
– Shiloh Mass Choir
Testimony: 7:45pm-8:05pm
Announcement : 8:05pm-8:18pm
– Pastor John Adelekan

Acknowledgement : 8:18pm-8:22pm
Prelude to Message: 8:22pm-8:25pm
God is God of multiple appearance.

Message : 8:25pm-10:31am

Unveiling the Dominion Power of Faith

– Bishop David Oyedepo

Matt. 27:66, 28:2

Heb. 11:32-33. Prophets are carrier of dominion unction. Jere. 1:10. 2 Kings 3:14. Dan. 7:27.

What is in Faith that Empowers us for Dominion?

1. Faith establishes believer’s spiritual partnership with God. Heb. 11:27. It is by faith that we are en-grafted to God. Rom. 11:17-26. Faith establishes your partnership with God, thereby empowering you for dominion.

2. Faith taps into the power of God at will. God rules by His power forever. Psalm 66:7. Obstacles dissolve when God cones down. Isaiah 64:1.

3. Faith secures divine intervention at will. It is faith that secure our appointment with God.

4. 1 John 5:4; There are giants in everybody’s promise land. Deut. 2:24. Faith is the cure for fear . Don’t be too scared to take dominion. God has given but you must put up a fight of faith to take dominion in your area of Endeavor. 1 Cor. 16:9. Eph. 1:22. Eph. 6:16.

5. Faith commits Gods integrity to confirm His word. 2Timothy 2:13. Every time faith comes alive, Gods integrity is committed to perform. Matt. 8:17 (all past tense matter).
Heavens do rule on earth our citizenship is now in heaven. Eph. 2:5-6; Dan. 4:25-26; Dan. 7:27; Philip. 3:20.

Prayer can never be contraband. We see budget, we don’t see projects. Every true son is an improvement on the father.

The spirit of faith is trans-generational Jude 1:3; 2 Cor. 4:13; Luke 1:17. So, pray for the fresh baptism of the Spirit of faith, like it were on your father. Matt. 10:8. The spirit of faith gives you rest under turmoil. Mark 4:38, Satan creates enmity between you and your prophets as to rob you of what the prophets carry on.

Heb.11:33-34, Num. 13:30, Matt.10:20.

It’s the spirit of faith responds spontaneously for every challenge of hell without anticipation.
The spirit of faith declares it and go to rest Heb. 4:3, Heb. 11:29.

Faith is not a risk; faith is the victory that overcomes the world. 1John 5:4, Dan.3:28; Mark 9:23.
Whenever God steps in a place, situation must line up in its order.
Faith does not work with any jack and harry, Faith works in the hands of the redeemed of the Lord. Eph. 1:22.

Faith is putting the word of God to work believing.
Matt. 9:28-29


youth international convention SHILOH dominion discipline, wisdom, spirit



SHILOH 2018, Day 2 – Encounter night
There is never a contention between darkness and light. John 1:5
The dominion of light over darkness is unquestionable and noiseless.

Whenever light strikes darkness packs out – Gen 1:14-19
Every encounter with the light of the word empowers you to rule. Ecclesiastes 11:7, Isaiah 9:8.

Light is sweet and we have been ordained to rule by light. Psalm 119:130
As the revelation increases in light we are illuminated to dominate our world.

We are in the Kingdom of light. Colossians 1:13, John 8:12, 9:5, Ephesians 5:8, 1 John 1:5, 1 Thessalonians 5:5, Hebrews 1:3.

The entrance is spiritual understanding of the truth. Psalms 119:130.
Understanding is the key to our dominion on the earth. Colossians 1:9


There is no time lag between when light strikes and when darkness packs out. Mark 11:24, John 1:5

Whatever God tells you to do, do it? John 9:5, Job 33:25

If you want to enjoy noiseless breakthrough, engage in Kingdom advancement prayers.

As you walk in the light of his word, you naturally command dominion. Never forget there is a blood price on your life. 1 Corinthians 6:20

You health is secure by the price at the cross; nothing is permitted to molest your body.
Every provision of the Kingdom delivers according to the level of our Spiritual understanding in the word. Matthew 13:23


1. It is a treasure, if you don’t pant for it, you can’t get it. Desperation is vital to encounter with light.
We rule and reign by light.

2. Pay diligent attention when you are seated under an anointed teacher. Deuteronomy 28:1-2. Ezekiel 2:2, 1 Samuel 2:6
Genuine prophets are indestructible.

3. Commit yourself to continuous searching of scriptures, give attention to reading the word of God 2Timothy 2:15, Isaiah 30:20-21. Study if you don’t want to be stagnated.
Nobody’s smartness can beat Gods wisdom.

4. Meditation. 1Timothy 4:15, Genesis 24:63, Proverbs 18:1
Meditation is thinking through scriptures in a quest to find solutions to your issues.

5. Prayer and Fasting. Isaiah 58:6-8
Prayer and fasting usually results in an outbreak of light. 2 Corinthians 4:4, Matthew 17:19-21
Access to light put you supernaturally in command.

Fast to know the way out.
There is always a way out with God. All we need is to access the light. 1 Corinthians 10:13, Psalm 119:19, Ecclesiastes 11:7


Anointed teachers are there for our upgrade. Ephesians 4:10-13, Genesis 14:23
Dominion is your heritage in redemption.

Ephesians 2:6, Ephesians 1:21-22
God by redemption has put you over all things through Christ,
Satan is at your mercy and you are not at his mercy.

Bishop David Oyedepo
Ministering: Bishop David Oyedepo